Donald Trump trolls media with tweet about protecting the American Flag

President-elect, Donald Trump posted a tweet suggesting jail time or loss of citizenship for anyone caught burning the American Flag.

This is not the first time politicians have tried to impose penalties on disrespecting the country's flag. In fact, after Vietnam war protests, Congress passed the . The act was signed into law by Democratic president Lyndon B. Johnson. Just like Trump's suggestion, the law imposed fines and up to a year in jail for desecrating the flag. However, it was quickly struck down by the Supreme Court () as a violation of First Amendment free speech.

Democrats and the media swiftly condemned Trump's tweet and #FirstAmendment was soon trending on twitter. However, what they may not realize is that their own candidate, Hillary Clinton, tried to re-introduce the while serving as a Senator. Clinton attempted to bypass the Supreme Court ruling by adding a clause that penalties would only be imposed if the flag desecration caused a threat to public safety. 

What do you think? Is Trump serious or just trolling the media and Hillary Clinton supporters?