12 road habits guaranteed to drive people insane

As the holidays approach, you may find yourself on the road dealing with other drivers' bad habits. We all have pet peeves when it comes to road etiquette. What does it take to throw you into a rage? Here are 12 driving habits that are guaranteed to drive other motorists insane.

1. Forgetting about your turn signal

Seriously, a small flick of the wrist and you could aviod 99% of road rage incidents.

2. Using a cell phone

Internet, maps with GPS, even making calls, there are so many things you can do with your cell phone! Just don't do it while driving.

3. Texting

I'll just take my eyes off the road for a second. What could possibly go wrong? 

4. Driving too close

Tailgate parties aren't supposed to happen while in motion. There is no good reason for a 100 car pile up.

5. Keeping your high beams on

You shouldn't need sunglasses for nighttime driving. Agian, flick that wrist. Being a polite motorist really isn't difficult. 

6. Rubbernecking

What was that? Is that the extremely rare ? Better slam on the brakes for a better look!

7. Inching forward at red lights

Because every millimeter is that much close to your destination.

8. Not accelerating on the on-ramp

"Use the on-ramp Luke, that's what it's there for."

9. Driving in someones blind spot

You know the drill: they speed up, you speed up, they slow down, you slow down. It's like a deadly version of follow the leader.

10. Driving in the left lane on highway

"Keep right except to pass", but only if you feel like it. 

11. Waving someone on when you clearly have the right-of-way

This is the worst. You're at stop sign and the driver with the right-of-way waves for you to go first. And they think they're doing you a favor.  Come on, people, we live in a society. There are rules!

12. Enough said